December 29, 2010

December 27, 2010

Curb the Urge: Textured Boots

I have trotted my way through this season's biggest trend of utilitarian boots. The multitude of styles available make the "Embrace a trend...Don't marry it" motto very very difficult to stick to. I chose these classic examples because the lines on the heel are classic, the herringbone fabric tasteful and the contrasting toes and outlines an unexpected trust. At a staggering $231 the Pour La Victorie version is becoming in its less flashy outline and shape. However, I'm really enjoying the inexpensive Jessica Simpson version not only for its below ankle cut (a slimming height that will not chop up the look of your legs) but also for its whopping $78.36 (plus 25% off) price tag.

* Note: Today's Ideeli sale offers the JS version for only $39!!! If you would like an invite to Ideeli (an online discount shopping experience that offers department to designer apparel) please leave your email address in the comments.

December 10, 2010

Color me..good

I've been totally obsessed with this feature article from Lucky Magazine that gives a great concise tutorial of the best shoe/tights combo. To be frank I'm not the biggest tights person but I do enjoy the option it gives me to diverge from denim during these cold brisk days of winter. Today was a balmy 33 degrees - my body almost went into conniptions when i stepped outside. Tights, tights, tights...right. Well I'm looking forward to trying the cream sweater, leopard shoes combo. What titillating tight combo will you tie up your nest day out with?

                                                           grey + pale pink = lady lovely
mustard  + brown + black = spicy combo 

red + red = fierce

bright green + black = green envy

                           white crochet + leapord print = next on the To-Wear list

November 1, 2010

Up the Wall

So I've been blogging this entire time - where you been?


Suffice it to say I had a few tough weekes, month even and it made sense to take some time. Because in life there are always going to be people, situations, events......

** pic via DailyCandy I believe**

..................that drive you up the wall.

So I guess it's important to take that time and breathe. And take it one day at a time.

October 6, 2010

Crop Weather

It's strange. I was not really all that into the middriff cut off tees of the 2010 summer but fast forward to Fall? - So digging this crop sweater movement!!

October 4, 2010

Faux Battle

On the right - weigh-ay-ing in at a whopping $29.99....State Street's very own H&M bomber jacket complete with a sherling collar, cuffed sleeves. and tapered waistline.

On your left is Forever21's answer to H&M's southpaw fighter. Their very own answer to the pilot look complete with hat ensemble at an impressionable $39.80....

Who to win?

Well to be frank both are an acceptable substitute to this year's influx of leather goods at a shopper savvy price level. H&M's version sold out in mere weeks while F21's is hitting the stores just now. I haven't been too terribly impressed with the quality of leather in both but to when you shop in this price range its all about satisfying an itch at an acceptable price point. I mean - its not like I can go out and splurge on this right now. So I consider myself lucky to have scored one of the above whose difference in price allowed me to purchase an addiotnal chic leopard scarf.

September 27, 2010

Little Buddy

This past weekend I had dinner with some tiny friends of mine and I forgot how lovable they could be. Elena was one year old last I saw her and Ethan - the same articulate precocious boy since I last visited. I believe the welcome went a bit like this~

Well helloooo Ethan and Elena!
(In his best adult voice) Haven't seen you around in awhile......
I KNOW! How've you been little buddy?
I've been real busy.
Oh really? What's been keeping you busy?
Mostly kindergarten.

September 24, 2010

Friday Night Sup

*image via here

fine dining at its best

September 23, 2010

September 21, 2010

Second Guessing

Loria, my friend, you have done me wrong.

Background story. I was never one to slave over sites and mags for what is up and coming and what next season's trends are to look out for. I prefer that this realization and acceptance for trend to happen more organically. So if I catch onto it via online, in stores, in streetstyles - it's because I truly did fall in love with a look or aesthetic. Not because I read about an aesthetic that was apt to occur in the forthcoming season. Clear as mud?
Well early this past summer I fell in love with a Cynthia Vincent chunky sweater that was ridiculously marked down. I liked how it had a subtle Navajo print in it and it was so incredibly cuddly. I scooped it up at its sale price. I was them summarily talked out of it. My dear dear friend, Loria, commented that it appeared too big for my frame. Her side kick chimed in with "When I'm in Mexico next - I can just pick you up one for a few pesos." They did not appear to be fans. So since it was summer and since I had momentarily lost some of my fashion mojo and since I was of an indecisive frame of mind - I returned it. Enter:

{Asos - Wrap Blanket Cardigan - $70.77}
{Forever21 - Shawl Sweater Cardigan - $29.80}

I am, of course, Master Of My Own Destiny. So I am willing to accept 45% of the blame.

September 20, 2010

Tucker for Target

Since the Cynthia Vincent for Target sale lasted for - oh say, 3 seconds - in all my neighborhood Targets, I was determined to make sure I was on top of my game for Tucker. This is a brand that exudes feminity and saturates its pieces in vibrant hues of color. Before we get into the bevy of beauty I picked up tonight I will provide spoiler alert - most the items were polyester. Residing in Chicago and ergo, subject to the wind tunnels, I'm typically not 100% anti-polyester. I do however think for some of the prices, a thrifty silk blend could have been offered. I mean please, Forever21 (love of my life) has plenty of pieces, albeit the pricier of the bunch, in 100% silk. That aside I do think this collaboration offers the savvy shopper an opportunity to delve in the bohemian world - that which is Tucker.

September 15, 2010


The influx of options lately for Fall nail color choices has me in abated breath. For the longest time I subscribed to the no polish on pointers only on toes yet these fantastic options have me looking for every and any opportunity to flash some sparke. And really can you blame me?

{OPI - Designer Series}

{Sephora - Only Gold For Me}
{Essie - Sequin Sash}

{Zoya - Astra}

September 14, 2010

Forever Footwear

Of late Forever21 has caught my interest not only in the cute on trend tops and shorts but to my own surprise I find myself perusing their SHOE department. I can honestly say that I have never considered Forever21 a footwear maven but - who am I to judge? To be quite honest I can't believe it hasn't dawned on me before. If I look to this retailer for all things that are trends saturating the market, but items I do not want to invest alot of dollars on (the informal definition of trendy I believe) why not shoes. I'm not too sure about the quality - there will not be any Louboutins here but if these kicks are like any of the other quality of items coming from this franchise - count me in.

Sudette Midcalf workman boot - $29.80


                              Leatherette Oxford Bootie - $26.80

  Vintage Lace up boots - $19.80


                 Sudette Cutout heels - $26.80                                            

      Suedette Ankle boots - $29.80

September 13, 2010

Peruvian Pastime

Tonight I dined yet again with two of my very favorite eating partners - John and Adam. From school mates to long term freinds I always appreciate their willingness to come to the city and try out new cuisines. This dinner was no exception. I was running late. They were on time. I came in dressed for fine dining. We were in a plaza mall. I was less than impressed. We started out with nothing special - greetings all around - their joking here and there about how they already order appetizers and urged me to taste. I cut into a portion of the empanada they pushed my way. All the rest of the word faded away.

It was the best empanada I have ever had.

Taste of Peru. Oh - how I underestimated you.

September 10, 2010

September 9, 2010

Bookclub Bookworm: Perfume by Patrick Suskind

This week's meet was my pick and I gotta say - I was truly curious of my friends' reactions. This book was an international best seller and not one I generally gravitate towards. The premise of the story lied with a young man who was born into the filthiest part of Paris is the early 1800s. The child was lacking in any scent whatsoever but had the power to sniff out the most subtle of fragrances in his surrounding. He was destined to live a hard life, given that upon birth his mother did not care of he lived or died and threw him in a pile of fish guts. However he also seemed impervious to death as the quality of life he was forced to endure was harsh. The story depicts the lowly services he was forced to work just for shelter and bare necessities and this progression of his life we are introduced to a multitude of self serving characters. It's all the pockets of characters that keep the book from becoming a how-to on Perfume Distillation. They were all interesting and so self motivating in their own right that you forget that the young man carries both the protagonist and antagonist role in this novel. Certainly not my favorite book that we've discussed but worthy of a read. If not for anything than for the unorthodox ending.

September 8, 2010


My very talented and forever adventurous friend, Jen Graham has embarked on yet another wild scheme. Recently she and her MBA classmates have won a competition for their business plan model CuddleClones. What started as a mere idea looks to be morphing into fruition and I couldn't be more happy for her. I have known Jen for sometime and CuddleClones was an idea she has toyed with long before she started enjoying the studies in all her Masters' classes (yes - 'enjoying' was the word she uses). What CuddleClones essentially is a vendor that will turn your favorite pet into a stuffed animal to love for years to come. It offers a likeness so that when you can't travel with Fido - you have an acceptable substitute. Currently in its venture stages, CuddleClones is working through its manufacturing and now is your chance to own a prototype of what I have no doubt will eventually be a national craze. Just click here if you want to order your CuddleClone friend today. So exciting Jen!

August 31, 2010

The White Flag

When my freshly washed and coiffed hair was plastered to the back of my sweaty neck at the start of the day, I knew that even though my secret lynx of a dress took me four tries to put on straight - I should have turned around and gone back home.

Me: I seem to have forgotten my ID at home today.
Lobby Lady: Oh sure - what floor are you on?
Me: Suite 1230; Company XYZ
Lobby Lady: Who are you here to see?
Me: I work at the company - suite 1230?
Lobby Lady: And what time were they expecting you?
Me: I am a full time employee in Suite 1230. I have forgotten my issued ID at home today.
Lobby Lady: And when did you start at XYZ?...


The information has been sent to you via a certified web address. Please Click Here to get to the friggen place that contains one dollar value of information that you asked for for nine months and we just didn't send because. Then follow the instructions to set up an account just to retrieve one value!!!

Login ID:
Reaffirm Password:
Word or Phrase as clue for Password:


Login ID: email address
Password: idiot
Reaffirm Password: idiot
Word or Phrase as clue for Password: what this program is

We're sorry - you're password must contain at least 6 characters
Login ID: email address
Password: idiots
Reaffirm Password: idiots
Word or Phrase as clue for Password: what this program still is

We're sorry - you're password must contain at least 6 characters of alpha and numeric code.
Login ID: email address
Password: 1idiot
Reaffirm Password: 1idiot
Word or Phrase as clue for Password: what this program is ranked #1 as

We're sorry - you're password must contain 2 of the following 2 criteria. 1- Six to Eight characters of alpha or numeric code. 2 - It must amuse and delight us while making you fume in red until your face is the reflection of a blister stemming from in the body on out.
Login ID: email address
Password: IGiveUpYouAreTheMasterTimes1000000
Reaffirm Password: IGiveUpYouAreTheMasterTimes1000000
Word or Phrase as clue for Password: "schooled"

We're sorry - your session has timed out.

August 30, 2010

Irrational Fears

There is always something that each and everyone of us has that is inexplicably creepy to us. And for some reason it makes our friends day when they hear about it. I have a close friend of mine that after a decade and a half of friendship it was revealed that she is terribly creeped out by toed socks. Feet Gloves. Or as one website titled it "the natural touch to earth". So when I saw this woman on the El wearing some variation of the below I nearly broke my neck trying to catch up to her to take a closer look (read: take a photo and send to said friend). Unfortunately the early commuters collectively conspired to keep me from my evil plot. I will admit that seeing the woman hustle down the stairs in these made me double take. Their supposed to be liberating and good for the soles but on some level they just look so wrong.

August 27, 2010

Friday Flight

It's gorgeous out. The sun is setting on the river banks in the prettiest shades that no fall fashion line can replicate. Everyone has a jovial temperament going on so I felt it apropos to post the below video. Something that would put bounce to anyone's step:

August 24, 2010


This season's infatuation with cross bodies has me muy muy contenta. It marries my love for large carryalls with a hip take on what could have been dubbed a book bag. When selecting one to - ahem - carry you through this season make sure that it has an appropriate drop length for your height. (Something I'm sure short people only think of). Drop length pertains to where the length of the strap drops the satchel to what region of your body. Cross body is very norm for styling just make sure your accompany outfit doesn't stress boobage in a gross strained fashion. I also am very partial to extremes. Either they are worn in leather or bold dramatic statement pieces. Here are some choices:

August 23, 2010

The Good Bad Smoothie

One of my favorite things to have in the summer months are fruit smoothies. I'm blessed by having easy access to various vendors who carry Asian bubble tea (with tapioca). Sometimes though, it may not be the taste of consistency that I'm craving. At which point I may turn to the American places like Jamba Juice for my go to Mango-a-go-go. Ever the changing tides, that too may not be what I'm looking for. Another option I have is my very own magic bullet which creates the perfect drink for me every time. Recipe is as follows:

1 carton of blueberry yogurt
Half a banana sliced
A small hand full of blueberries
A splash of Orange Juice (more juice means more liquid-fied smoothie) *
A splash of Milk (see note on juice) *
1 scoop of low fat frozen yogurt (I prefer Edy's slow churned)
4 cubes of ice

* clearly very technical recipe discoveries here

August 16, 2010

The Quest for leather shorts

Very recently I started to look seriously for an acceptable pair of leather shorts. My criteria's were non expensive, non hootchie, non ugly. I thought I had hit the head on the mark with these.

They were extremely marked down at Bergdorf's and the leather looked oh-so-soft. I was encouraged by the soft folds of the shorts coupled with the outside of norm crackled leather. But alas - upon their arrival I found they were not for me. The fabric jersey-like waist was very forgiving which normally is a good thing. Unfortunately they also made my extremely marked down pair too large for me. And not in an fashionable unkempt way but more in an adding on the illusion of more el bees. Also what I loved most (aside from the texture) was the rolled cuffs. However, this too schemed against me as it was not a mere one roll but what appeared to be several which was not for someone with short legs. So in the end beautiful Helmut went home. And I was despondent. As the quest for appropriate leather short's to wear with opaque tights and sky high wedges with a perfectly draped sweater top, under the militant anorak....continues.

August 13, 2010

Old Friends

This Friday, on the way back to the city, from a client meeting, on whim, I decided to check to see if my friends were free. I haven't gotten the chance to keep very good touch with them and since they moved across the state line my 411 on what they've been up to has been fairly nonexistent. So imagine my delight when they were free for a visit from they absentee friend of two years. Imagine my greater delight at how big their lovely daughter has gotten:

At less than one:

At three years:

I simply love random spur of the moment plan's don't you?

August 12, 2010

August 10, 2010

Bookclub Bookworm: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A timeless story of the wanderlust that possesses a young man to pursue his destiny in a dreamlike state he calls everyday life. The protagonist, a shepard, is defined in life as unconventional. He doesn't heed the word of his father and builds a life around the flock he guards. In an epic meeting he is swayed to leave the life he has built to pursue another one that awaits him. On this journey the boy - identified as such for his changeling time in life in which he grows into the man he ultimately became - discovers new trade skills, the light and dark side of man and the strength of belief. This was a beautiful book that binds religion - without becoming preach-ish, spirituality without becoming too Oprah-ish and lessons learned without becoming too after school special-ish.

“Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.”

August 9, 2010

To Wedge or not to Wedge

...........that is the question.......

August 2, 2010

The mouse The chalkboard

Once upon a time, long ago when I was in fifth grade we had a class snake. It was gross. It was large. It was wonderful. I think we were supposed to learn about the living habits of a different creatures on earth or something to that effect (clearly the lesson took). Regardless, the snake lived on mouses. So I'm not quite sure how - but come its normal feeding time a little itty bitty white mouse was produced. So that the class could learn the eating habits of this reptile. Knowledge every fifth grader should have to pass to the sixth.
Well it wasn't quite clear if the snake liked the mouse live or as carcass. A democracy that we were - we voted on it. The mouse was going to be shot pre hanging.
Unsure how to quite do the deed and voters that we were, we decided one male should be designated hangman and bash the mouse against the chalkboard. Lam Phan was chosen. Six feet tall and an easy 150 - this furball did not stand a chance. Everyone was climbing on the top of their school chairs to get ringside seats. Lam's cheery round face - a gross contradiction to his role if there ever was one - was decorated with grey plastic thick lens, which he constantly kept pushing up his nose. Like constantly - I can still see him doing it now.
White mouse in white plastic bag...dangling from the wrist of this crowd pleaser executioner who strolls up to the chalkboard grinning. Winding up the bag as if to throw a grand slam  - Lam whaps the mouse against the chalkboard and the walks.literally.shook.
The boys in the class go CRAZY. You would have thought it was Ali in the ring. At the time I didn't have any earth shattering epiphany or anything. I know I thought there was something a bit bizarre situation. But -

Turns out.

Reptiles like 'em raw.

Tonight I thought of this event. And the words of a message I've seen past filtered through my head (slightly altered here for relevance)....

"Some days you're the mouse and some days you're the chalkboard."

July 28, 2010

Dolce vie Target?

Dolce Vita has joined other fashion friends and are offering their famous soles to the patrons of Target. To be be quite honest I'm not too sure if I can see the exact resemblance perse...

These exact same pair were retailing on upwards of $100+ a mere four months ago. They are currently offfered at $24.99 on target.
They have since been 'unavailable' from non Target websites.

July 27, 2010


There are some trends that you can be sure will never pick up steam again. Bloomers, for instance, apparently only for the settling of the states. Or so I thought. Imagine if you will a flowy summer cotton dress that by design is so airy fabric is barely touching the body. Like this:

Then imagine if you will me flip flopping down the stairs to the underground corridor to catch the Redline. Then imagine a train coming at the speed of light creating a wind tunnel that pushes through the corridor and carries through to said stairwell. Lastly imagine suddenly being able to see your hemline without looking down. Sigh.

In efforts to minimize future embarrassing events I figured some collection of the below would work and help disguise what in reality may be a non sexy Marilyn reenactment with - "Hmmmm, that's a lovely jumpsuit she's wearing but I could have sworn it was a dress"

*all bloomies from Forever21 for $5.80