December 29, 2010

December 27, 2010

Curb the Urge: Textured Boots

I have trotted my way through this season's biggest trend of utilitarian boots. The multitude of styles available make the "Embrace a trend...Don't marry it" motto very very difficult to stick to. I chose these classic examples because the lines on the heel are classic, the herringbone fabric tasteful and the contrasting toes and outlines an unexpected trust. At a staggering $231 the Pour La Victorie version is becoming in its less flashy outline and shape. However, I'm really enjoying the inexpensive Jessica Simpson version not only for its below ankle cut (a slimming height that will not chop up the look of your legs) but also for its whopping $78.36 (plus 25% off) price tag.

* Note: Today's Ideeli sale offers the JS version for only $39!!! If you would like an invite to Ideeli (an online discount shopping experience that offers department to designer apparel) please leave your email address in the comments.

December 10, 2010

Color me..good

I've been totally obsessed with this feature article from Lucky Magazine that gives a great concise tutorial of the best shoe/tights combo. To be frank I'm not the biggest tights person but I do enjoy the option it gives me to diverge from denim during these cold brisk days of winter. Today was a balmy 33 degrees - my body almost went into conniptions when i stepped outside. Tights, tights, tights...right. Well I'm looking forward to trying the cream sweater, leopard shoes combo. What titillating tight combo will you tie up your nest day out with?

                                                           grey + pale pink = lady lovely
mustard  + brown + black = spicy combo 

red + red = fierce

bright green + black = green envy

                           white crochet + leapord print = next on the To-Wear list