February 28, 2011

Topshop comes to Chicago!

My love for Topshop rivals others such as Zara, Anthropologie and Madewell (their aesthetics are completely different but I liken them for the price range levels). So when I randomly came upon this screen on the Topshop homepage I literally had to bite back my excitement. Having a subtle British influence this online apparel, footwear and accessories shop has found  me happily handling my hard earned dollars on more than one occasion. My only hesitation has been the sizing and its difficulty in returning for exchanges. But problem no more as I anxiously await the flagship store to land on its helipad of excitement that would surely greet on Michigan Avenue. A finer home it could not ask for.

One for the money...

                                                             {Burberry $3595}

This jacket encompasses everything I think a leather moto should. It bubbles when it should, buckles when you least expect it, gives the broad shouldered effect in a tapered manner and cinches in my inflated imagination that I am in any position to afford something like this. But a girl can dream. And this money item is definitely worth dreaming of.

February 21, 2011

Fashion Conundrum

Are these back in and I just not get the memo? Picture it - you're out in the school play lot, hair partially pulled back in only what can be described as a bad Madonna reincarnated side ponytail. Not wispy and romantic a la A Cup of Jo...

{image via A Cup of Jo}

....but rather the type that seen from the back you know the chic has some smeared hideous lip gloss on names will be identified.
I always embrace the cycle of fashion because one:
      1. Secretly (or not so secretly) I am literally a closet hoarder
      2. Said cycle further drives home a larger cycle - the cycle of life
But man - oh man - I can safely say no hoarding, no embracing here - be gone bike shorts with girly lace seaming. We were never truly friends.

A new day

I don't believe in New Year resolutions. I believe if you want or know something should change a mere day in the year should not dictate it. You should. So the timing of this is rather a coincidence. However, I recently vowed to live more in the moment. I read somewhere (some editor of a NY mag, mother of 3, goddess like mother - you know the type - someone to hate) that said editor managed it all by focusing on being the best she had to be that moment. If she was with her kids - she was on total mom rockstar mode. If she was doing yoga - she promised it would be the best yoga workout she got. It got me thinking of how much my mind races where ever I'm at. And it rarely is racing on what I was currently on. How could I possibly gain from that moment what I intended? How could it be all that it could be?

So I want for every moment to be the best moment there is to have.

image via WeHeartIt