Fringe Perspective

Some girls definitively look good with bangs:

Some girls definitively do not:

Then there are some that are - eh:

I myself have rocked these tempting tendrils as a preteen and I would say I fell somewhere in the between the "should not" and "eh" category. It just was back then, when one got that kind of a hair cut in junior high you looked like - well you were in junior high. Suffice it to say this hair trend has evolved and the whole look has been rocked by Hollywood, by models and us mere mortals. I was thinking about this tonight and the thoughts brought me back to a time where I was continuously getting my bangs trimmed by my mother. She insisted it be done with "hair clippers" which always looked like regular scissors to me. Well I was way past due my next cut and my mom was constantly too busy to trim them. So one night when I was getting out of the shower, and the bangs once again was dripping annoying droplets of water into my eyes, that I said ENOUGH. I grabbed a regular pair of scissors I had found, carefully combed out my bangs to the front of my forehead, grabbed one side of the piece and figured how hard could this be? All I needed to do was cut a very straight line across. Snip - went the shears. I stood back and took stock of my handiwork. I noticed immediately that I must have had my head on a tilt since the bangs were definitely not straight. In efforts to even them out I started from the middle and snipped across at the longest offenders. I stood back to check the effect. What was this? I looked like Spock!!! I began to worry that my head wasn't level!!
Snip, snip snip away went my regular scissors in my eyes was no longer an issue. And it was that time that I would like to think I had the foresight - the vision if you will, to contribute to this trend: