May 11, 2011

I bought a house!

Anyone who knows me well..and those that may not even know me knows that I have been searching for a new domicile for some time. I credit my lack of jump at the market boom to my cautious and picky nature and I could not have been more grateful to had avoided that peak. For the longest time I wanted a traditional Chicago style 2 flat since that was what I always imagined myself buying. However I widened my search to townhomes, single family homes and row homes as well. I ended up with something I never in a million years would think I would end up buying and yet somehow the thought of me living there becomes more and more real each time I enter the place.

A HOUSE. A single family house none-the-less. I mean..ME...who would have thunk it?

The place has it's fair share of work that needs to be done. And then some. But it has the proverbial good bones and I can't wait to put my stamp on it. The summer should be interesting if nothing else.

OMG...I'm an adult.