October 6, 2010

Crop Weather

It's strange. I was not really all that into the middriff cut off tees of the 2010 summer but fast forward to Fall? - So digging this crop sweater movement!!

October 4, 2010

Faux Battle

On the right - weigh-ay-ing in at a whopping $29.99....State Street's very own H&M bomber jacket complete with a sherling collar, cuffed sleeves. and tapered waistline.

On your left is Forever21's answer to H&M's southpaw fighter. Their very own answer to the pilot look complete with hat ensemble at an impressionable $39.80....

Who to win?

Well to be frank both are an acceptable substitute to this year's influx of leather goods at a shopper savvy price level. H&M's version sold out in mere weeks while F21's is hitting the stores just now. I haven't been too terribly impressed with the quality of leather in both but to when you shop in this price range its all about satisfying an itch at an acceptable price point. I mean - its not like I can go out and splurge on this right now. So I consider myself lucky to have scored one of the above whose difference in price allowed me to purchase an addiotnal chic leopard scarf.