Hair Today

For the last decade or so I've been abit HDD with my hair. I generally let it grow out for lengths at a time and then I get some form of a bob cut that is really short. Wellll - its gettin' to be that time again and the longer my hair gets the more the usual hair ties seems uncomfortable. Maybe I'm just a wuss but I generally operate on Larger the bun = Larger the headache. Every now and then I like a break from the tug of a hair tie or 'hair thingy' as the general female population likes to refer to it. It was on a whim that I purchased this hair clip from JCrew. Made in France and tortoise in shade I thought it may remedy my black hair tie hate.

I will say though - when I found out it was $12 I distinctly remember thinking - "not unless it came with a side of blueberry pancakes". However the construction and its high quality eventually won me over. And like all other JCrew products - its made to last.