September 27, 2010

Little Buddy

This past weekend I had dinner with some tiny friends of mine and I forgot how lovable they could be. Elena was one year old last I saw her and Ethan - the same articulate precocious boy since I last visited. I believe the welcome went a bit like this~

Well helloooo Ethan and Elena!
(In his best adult voice) Haven't seen you around in awhile......
I KNOW! How've you been little buddy?
I've been real busy.
Oh really? What's been keeping you busy?
Mostly kindergarten.

September 24, 2010

Friday Night Sup

*image via here

fine dining at its best

September 23, 2010

September 21, 2010

Second Guessing

Loria, my friend, you have done me wrong.

Background story. I was never one to slave over sites and mags for what is up and coming and what next season's trends are to look out for. I prefer that this realization and acceptance for trend to happen more organically. So if I catch onto it via online, in stores, in streetstyles - it's because I truly did fall in love with a look or aesthetic. Not because I read about an aesthetic that was apt to occur in the forthcoming season. Clear as mud?
Well early this past summer I fell in love with a Cynthia Vincent chunky sweater that was ridiculously marked down. I liked how it had a subtle Navajo print in it and it was so incredibly cuddly. I scooped it up at its sale price. I was them summarily talked out of it. My dear dear friend, Loria, commented that it appeared too big for my frame. Her side kick chimed in with "When I'm in Mexico next - I can just pick you up one for a few pesos." They did not appear to be fans. So since it was summer and since I had momentarily lost some of my fashion mojo and since I was of an indecisive frame of mind - I returned it. Enter:

{Asos - Wrap Blanket Cardigan - $70.77}
{Forever21 - Shawl Sweater Cardigan - $29.80}

I am, of course, Master Of My Own Destiny. So I am willing to accept 45% of the blame.

September 20, 2010

Tucker for Target

Since the Cynthia Vincent for Target sale lasted for - oh say, 3 seconds - in all my neighborhood Targets, I was determined to make sure I was on top of my game for Tucker. This is a brand that exudes feminity and saturates its pieces in vibrant hues of color. Before we get into the bevy of beauty I picked up tonight I will provide spoiler alert - most the items were polyester. Residing in Chicago and ergo, subject to the wind tunnels, I'm typically not 100% anti-polyester. I do however think for some of the prices, a thrifty silk blend could have been offered. I mean please, Forever21 (love of my life) has plenty of pieces, albeit the pricier of the bunch, in 100% silk. That aside I do think this collaboration offers the savvy shopper an opportunity to delve in the bohemian world - that which is Tucker.

September 15, 2010


The influx of options lately for Fall nail color choices has me in abated breath. For the longest time I subscribed to the no polish on pointers only on toes yet these fantastic options have me looking for every and any opportunity to flash some sparke. And really can you blame me?

{OPI - Designer Series}

{Sephora - Only Gold For Me}
{Essie - Sequin Sash}

{Zoya - Astra}

September 14, 2010

Forever Footwear

Of late Forever21 has caught my interest not only in the cute on trend tops and shorts but to my own surprise I find myself perusing their SHOE department. I can honestly say that I have never considered Forever21 a footwear maven but - who am I to judge? To be quite honest I can't believe it hasn't dawned on me before. If I look to this retailer for all things that are trends saturating the market, but items I do not want to invest alot of dollars on (the informal definition of trendy I believe) why not shoes. I'm not too sure about the quality - there will not be any Louboutins here but if these kicks are like any of the other quality of items coming from this franchise - count me in.

Sudette Midcalf workman boot - $29.80


                              Leatherette Oxford Bootie - $26.80

  Vintage Lace up boots - $19.80


                 Sudette Cutout heels - $26.80                                            

      Suedette Ankle boots - $29.80

September 13, 2010

Peruvian Pastime

Tonight I dined yet again with two of my very favorite eating partners - John and Adam. From school mates to long term freinds I always appreciate their willingness to come to the city and try out new cuisines. This dinner was no exception. I was running late. They were on time. I came in dressed for fine dining. We were in a plaza mall. I was less than impressed. We started out with nothing special - greetings all around - their joking here and there about how they already order appetizers and urged me to taste. I cut into a portion of the empanada they pushed my way. All the rest of the word faded away.

It was the best empanada I have ever had.

Taste of Peru. Oh - how I underestimated you.

September 10, 2010

September 9, 2010

Bookclub Bookworm: Perfume by Patrick Suskind

This week's meet was my pick and I gotta say - I was truly curious of my friends' reactions. This book was an international best seller and not one I generally gravitate towards. The premise of the story lied with a young man who was born into the filthiest part of Paris is the early 1800s. The child was lacking in any scent whatsoever but had the power to sniff out the most subtle of fragrances in his surrounding. He was destined to live a hard life, given that upon birth his mother did not care of he lived or died and threw him in a pile of fish guts. However he also seemed impervious to death as the quality of life he was forced to endure was harsh. The story depicts the lowly services he was forced to work just for shelter and bare necessities and this progression of his life we are introduced to a multitude of self serving characters. It's all the pockets of characters that keep the book from becoming a how-to on Perfume Distillation. They were all interesting and so self motivating in their own right that you forget that the young man carries both the protagonist and antagonist role in this novel. Certainly not my favorite book that we've discussed but worthy of a read. If not for anything than for the unorthodox ending.

September 8, 2010


My very talented and forever adventurous friend, Jen Graham has embarked on yet another wild scheme. Recently she and her MBA classmates have won a competition for their business plan model CuddleClones. What started as a mere idea looks to be morphing into fruition and I couldn't be more happy for her. I have known Jen for sometime and CuddleClones was an idea she has toyed with long before she started enjoying the studies in all her Masters' classes (yes - 'enjoying' was the word she uses). What CuddleClones essentially is a vendor that will turn your favorite pet into a stuffed animal to love for years to come. It offers a likeness so that when you can't travel with Fido - you have an acceptable substitute. Currently in its venture stages, CuddleClones is working through its manufacturing and now is your chance to own a prototype of what I have no doubt will eventually be a national craze. Just click here if you want to order your CuddleClone friend today. So exciting Jen!