September 7, 2011

Sweet Magnolia: Home Reno "The Tree" cont.

So remember the little saga about the large tree that would not come down? As it turned out, my dad put the petal to the metal and the next day replaced the errant tree chopping crew with another. The new crew was very professional, timely, knowledgeable and basically took care of business.

Side note: I chose not to pay for the stump removal since removing the stump did not guarantee the removal of all the aged roots. I actually think the aged roots are more damaging to the property. Instead I used the remaining stump as a vessel to carry the stump away solution to all the roots. I'm hoping if I repeat this process enough the stump and roots will become fertilizer

September 6, 2011


In anticipation of the Season 4 premiere of Sons of Anarchy (totally obsessed..totally unashamed..) I decided to break out my new kutte. "Kutte" is the leather bomber vests the MC (motorcycle club) members don as a badge of honor to show their club affiliation, called so due to the cut sleeves. All my friends think its hilarious that I am now this hard core repressed biker chick - but hey, when I'm into something - I really get into it. Plus how gorgeous would the below look with a delicate white eyelet maxi left over from the summer months? Coupled with some slouchy boots I think the look is a perfect transition to the Fall weather that has been teasing the dusk hours.

                                                  {image via Man Repeller;  vest from H &M}

                                                                      {image via Shopbop}

                                                                       {image via Steve Madden}