June 30, 2011

On Repeat

Ever have one of those deja vu type of moments where you hear a song, smell a scent, feel a breeze and instantly you are transported to a time and place long ago? I used to have those moments all the time. I would be walking and the dampness in the summer air would remind of the times I walked back to my apartment in college from a heavy night of studying. If the biting breeze of a fall gust of wind swept through the collar of my jacket - instantly I thought of trick or treating on a damp October night. Songs do it to me too.

For instance - I have heard this song on repeat - and I always feel like I and prepping for a marathon work day:

And all of the sudden it would be the end of a work week. I walk home in a not rushed, not slovenly pace and with the echos of:

Much of it being the beat, the rhythm , the constitution and a very far second - the words. Maybe it's the day in- day out of the work week. Maybe I simply need to crack that wheel of a INSPIRED..but that's what's on rotation. No need for the calendar to flip to the end or the beginning of the week.

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